Bluey The Videogame

Bluey: The Videogame, inspired by the acclaimed Australian children's series, entered the market with the intent of offering interactive fun suitable for the whole family. As an enthusiast of Bluey’s animated adventures on television, the program’s blend of emotional storytelling and humor has always been a highlight. This adaptation into the gaming world brought the potential for an even more engaging experience for fans of the Heeler family's delightful escapades.

Visually Engaging and True to the Source

The game shines brightest in its visual presentation, successfully translating the show's distinctive and colorful 2D animation into the gaming medium. The graphics are impressive, providing a faithful recreation of the Bluey universe now rendered in a 2.5D space that introduces depth while adhering to the original aesthetic. Devotees of the series will love the smooth transition from television to the game, with character designs and settings that seem lifted directly from their on-screen counterparts.

Original Voice Cast Enriches the Experience

The decision to enlist the series' original voice cast adds authenticity to the game, allowing each character to retain the personality that has endeared them to fans. This continuity ensures the game remains true to the spirit of Bluey, engaging both parents and young players with familiar voices that enhance the interactive journey.

Gameplay: A Blend of Simplicity and Challenge

The gameplay in Bluey: The Videogame leans towards straightforward puzzles centered on environmental interactions, such as moving items around. While these activities may entertain younger gamers, they may lack variety and complexity for those who crave more substantial gaming experiences. Platforming sections are present but somewhat undermined by control issues, which may cause frustration for younger players struggling with precise movements.

Mini-games Could Be Improved

Mini-games introduced in various gameplay episodes seek to add excitement but ultimately don't quite hit the mark. Activities like Keepy Uppy and Magic Xylophone fail to deliver the thrilling engagement they aim for, resulting in a less-than-stellar gaming experience. Cooperative play can sometimes devolve into disorganized play rather than strategic, shared fun.

The Question of Value for Money

With a price point comparable to more extensive video game offerings, Bluey: The Videogame's value is debatable, given its rather limited content. The game's brief duration, completely in slightly over an hour, and even with additional time for item collection, is hard to reconcile with its cost - a concern for budget-conscious parents.

Final Thoughts on Bluey's Gaming Venture

The game’s narrative begins with charm but wraps up too quickly, leaving a feeling of incompleteness and the desire for more gameplay. A handful of maps and a short storyline highlight the game's limited scale, and though the initial concept is delightful, mirroring the whimsical quests seen on the show, the game does not expand on this promise, leading to a desire for richer content.

In Summary: Bluey's Leap to Gaming Falls Short

Bluey, renowned as a stellar Australian cultural phenomenon, has won international affection through its storytelling. However, its transition to a video game medium misses some of the magic that defines the series. The game boasts excellent visuals and sounds true to Bluey's world but is let down by superficial gameplay, a lack of inventive mechanics, and a pricing mismatch with the offered content. While Bluey: The Videogame might find a place among other franchise merchandise, it doesn't quite ascend to the status of a treasured gaming experience.


  • Excellent graphical representation of the Bluey universe
  • Authentic voice acting from the original cast adds familiarity
  • Simple gameplay that is accessible for very young players.


  • Overpriced considering the game's duration and content offered.

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