About Us

Welcome to our website! We are dedicated to providing the best quality and honest reviews, tips and tricks, editor's picks, guides, and news about all types of video games and apps. Our team is passionate about gaming and has put countless hours into uncovering the best secrets that each game has to offer. We strive to bring you only the best information so you can get the most out of your gaming experience. 

Team Members 

Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds with different experiences in the world of video games. From avid gamers to professional developers, our staff is comprised of individuals who share a common goal: helping others find their ideal game or app by providing them with reliable advice backed up by extensive research. We take pride in making sure that each piece of content on our site is accurate, comprehensive, and easy to understand for everyone.  

Meet the team behind Reviewssite:

  1. Adam Fox (Founder & Chief Editor) - The visionary who brought us together; oversees content creation.
  2. Sabina Meat  (Managing Editor) - Ensures smooth workflow while maintaining our high-quality standards.
  3. Max Erington(Senior Writer) - A gaming guru who covers in-depth reviews and news from the gaming world.
  4. Emily Prolant (App Specialist) – An expert in all things related to mobile applications; responsible for sharing tips, hacks, and updates.
  5. Chris Mill (Manager) – Spreads our love for apps & games across social platforms.


The main advantages that users will receive when choosing our website include the following: 

1) Honest Reviews - Our reviews are based on actual gameplay rather than speculation or hype surrounding a new release—so you can be sure what we say is true! Plus, all reviews are written for an audience with varying levels of knowledge about various gaming genres; whether it’s your first time playing a particular game or you’re an experienced veteran looking for advice before picking up something new – there’s something here for everyone!  

2) Comprehensive Guides & Tips - Not only do we provide unbiased reviews but also comprehensive guides & tips which give users access to all sorts of hidden secrets within popular titles as well as ways they can maximize their playtime without spending extra money on in-game.  

3) Editor's Picks - Our editors have spent countless hours researching all types of games available across multiple platforms so they can recommend only the best ones out there—just so you don’t have to wade through hundreds just trying to find one good one!

History Of Creation

Our website was created by three friends who had been lifelong gamers since childhood but realized how hard it was to find quality information online regarding various titles they were interested in playing. After months spent researching different sites (with mixed results), they decided it was time someone created a resource where people could reliably go for honest opinions on any type of game/app imaginable.