Secrets of Successful Farming in "Hay Day"

Greg Burn

Secrets of Successful Farming in "Hay Day"

Do you enjoy immersing yourself in the engaging universe of the acclaimed mobile agricultural simulation, "Hay Day," but find yourself struggling to advance? Worry no more. This in-depth manual unravels the clandestine aspects of thriving agriculture in Hay Day. Regardless of whether you're a greenhorn just starting your virtual farming journey or an experienced player, these tactics will assist you in scaling up your levels and fully exploiting your farm's capabilities. Let's dive deep into the concealed knowledge and strategies that will transform you into a prosperous cultivator in the world of Hay Day.

Efficient Use of Space

Space is a valuable commodity in Hay Day. To effectively manage your farm, you must utilize every available piece of land. You can do this by strategically placing your buildings, fields, and other facilities. For instance, try to install your buildings close together to save space for fields and trees. Also, consider vertical or horizontal arrangements for your fields to maximize your land usage.

Master the Art of Trading

Hay Day

Trading is a crucial aspect of Hay Day. By successfully trading, you can earn coins, which you can use to buy more farm items. To master this art, always check your newspaper for the best deals. Also, consider joining a neighborhood to trade items with other players. Remember, selling high-demand items at a higher price can bring in more coins.

Manage Your Resources Wisely

Resource management is another secret to thriving in Hay Day. Be sure to balance your production to meet the demand of your orders. Avoid wasting resources on producing items that are not in high demand. Also, ensure that your silo and barn are always stocked with necessary items. Remember, managing your resources wisely will keep your farm running efficiently.

Focus on Leveling Up

Leveling up in Hay Day is a critical strategy for unlocking more items and expanding your farm. To level up quickly, focus on completing tasks that give you experience points (XP). For instance, planting crops, fulfilling orders, and taking care of animals are good ways to earn XP. Also, participating in events can provide you with bonus XP.

Be Patient

Hay Day

In Hay Day, the virtue of patience is indispensable. The allure of using diamonds to expedite processes is no doubt appealing, but it's more beneficial to exercise restraint and reserve these sparkly treasures for higher priorities, such as acquiring scarce items. Embrace the proverb, "good things come to those who wait". By adopting a patient approach, you are steadily paving the road to establishing a thriving agricultural empire.

Take Advantage of Hay Day's Social Features

Hay Day isn't just about farming; it's also about socializing. By taking advantage of the game's social features, you can join a neighborhood or even create your own. Joining a neighborhood allows you to engage in trading, chat with other players, and participate in derbies for extra rewards. Additionally, you can visit other players' farms for inspiration and ideas.

Plan Your Farm Layout

Planning your farm layout is another secret to success in Hay Day. A well-planned farm is not only aesthetically pleasing but also more efficient. Take the time to plan where you'll place your buildings, fields, and other facilities. Also, consider your farm's overall flow and how your animals and crops will interact.

Invest in Animals and Trees

Hay Day

Investing in animals and trees is a great way to generate a steady income. Animals provide resources like milk, eggs, and wool, while trees and bushes produce fruits and berries. Remember to regularly feed your animals and harvest your trees to keep the resources flowing.

Keep Your Machines Running

Keeping your machines running is another important strategy in Hay Day. Machines produce goods that you can sell or use to fulfill orders. Therefore, it's important to keep your machines busy, especially when you're not actively playing the game. This way, you'll have a constant supply of goods ready for your customers.


To reap the bountiful fruits of your labor on Hay Day, you must master the art of strategic scheming, effective allocation of resources, and exercise a smidgen of patience. By embracing these tactics, you will pave the way for rapid advancement in levels, a flourishing expansion of your farming empire, and an exhilarating, gratifying gaming journey. Bear in mind that your triumphant reign in Hay Day is not solely dependent on the sweat of your brow but also on the cleverness of your approach. Here's to prosperous and savvy farming!