Monster Hunters Unite: The Beloved RPG finally arrives on PC

Greg Burn

Monster Hunters Unite: The Beloved RPG finally arrives on PC

For fans of the Monster Hunter franchise, there is exciting news that tugs at the heartstrings of nostalgia and novelty alike. The much-anticipated PC version of Monster Hunter Stories, the franchise's first RPG spin-off, is now available on Steam in a newly remastered format. Previously limited to the Nintendo 3DS, this game broadens the reach to a wider audience eager for the blend of classic RPG elements with the Monster Hunter universe.

There's genuine excitement surrounding the PC release, not least because Monster Hunter Stories offers a distinct experience from its more action-oriented siblings. Emphasizing a turn-based system, it introduces fresh gameplay mechanics, allowing players to bond with and ride a variety of monsters rather than merely confronting them. This softer, more strategic form of engagement with the Monster Hunter world proves both engaging and refreshing. Moreover, the remastered version boasts full Japanese and English voice acting, an indulgent museum mode featuring music and concept art, and, intriguingly, additional monster content that had previously been exclusive to Japan.

The heart of Monster Hunter Stories is its narrative-driven adventure – a tale of kinship with creatures that once were targets in previous games. This engaging twist adds an immense layer of depth, making the adventure not only about combating fearsome beasts but also about understanding them, befriending them, and even collaborating with them. It's a testament to the game's ability to expand the scope of the Monster Hunter world by introducing emotional stakes and character development alongside the familiar thrill of the hunt.

Critics have already lavished praise on the game's sequel for its accessibility to newcomers and veterans alike, and now players can engage with the origin story where it all began. Indeed, while the game exhibits a charming aesthetic that may appear to skew towards a younger audience, beneath the surface lies the kind of rich gameplay complexity for which the series is renowned. Whether as an entry point for newcomers or a nostalgic jaunt for fans, Monster Hunter Stories stands strong on PC.

Fans can embark on this adventure through a solo purchase or opt for a bundle that includes both the first game and its sequel. With the richness of its storytelling, the remastered edition of Monster Hunter Stories on PC provides a compelling case for those who have long enjoyed the franchise, as well as those who have yet to experience its charms. As a testament to the enduring appeal and evolution of the Monster Hunter franchise, the release of Monster Hunter Stories on PC is a beacon for RPG aficionados and monster-taming enthusiasts alike.